Too Many Pressure Cookers?

Of course not! There is no such thing as too many pressure cookers!


Last night, it suddenly occurred to me that I may have a problem. I was in the middle of preparing dinner when I realized I had three pressure cookers going at once. I thought nothing of it as I was getting everything started, it was just when I realized I was monitoring the time on three different devices when it hit me.

Some folks think about it a long time before deciding whether they really need just one pressure cooker. What will I do with it? Do I really like beans that much?

Fissler Pressure Cooker

I like a good one-pot meal as much as the next guy, but when I’m cooking I tend to reach for a pressure cooker more often than any other pot or pan, no matter what I may be preparing.

So I guess it makes sense that if I am preparing three different things, I reach for three different pressure cookers.

I see each of my PCs as being better at certain things than the others. Last night for instance, I prepared Pork Tenderloin with a Balsamic Pan Sauce, Kale with Onions and Garlic, and Polenta.

As with any long, flat piece of meat, I immediately turned to the Fissler pressure pan. It’s wide, shallow depth is perfect for such a dish. And the bottom surface just seems to brown things a little better. Part of it is because the pan is wider, so I get more surface area without cutting the meat into smaller pieces.

InstantPot Pressure Cooker

I have been using the Instant Pot for anything that should be cooked at low pressure, because it is easier to just set it to “low” and put in how much time you need, than closely watching the stovetop cooker waiting for it to hit the low pressure mark, then adjusting the flame just right so it doesn’t creep up to high pressure (not that it’s that difficult, but when I have the option to be lazy, then that’s the option I’ll take!)

My Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker is  my largest at 7 liters, so anything that needs the room goes in that one. I used it for the Kale last night, since it takes up a lot of room (and very little room by the time you take it out).

KR Pressure Cooker

When I first got  the KR, I planned on purchasing the 5 liter, but for some reason the 7 liter was slightly cheaper on Amazon at the time. Do I need such a gigantic cooker, I thought? Once it arrived, I realized it wasn’t giant at all. Since you can only fill a pressure cooker 2/3 full (and 1/2 full for starchy items such as beans and grains), I realized it wasn’t too large at all. In fact sometimes I consider getting a larger one as well.

But for now, my little pressure cooker family of 3 works just fine.

What was my point? Oh yeah, there is nothing wrong with having several pressure cookers. No, not at all. It’s very healthy in fact. Yeah, that’s it. It’s good for you. No, I don’t have a problem. Not at all.

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