Sneak Peek – Hawaiian Macaroni Salad

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Mac Salad

My favorite part of the Hawaiian “Plate Lunch”, is probably the macaroni salad that comes with it. Creamy, tangy and oh so unhealthy. But tasty as heck. And no, Hawaiian Macaroni Salad is not Macaroni salad with pineapple in it. A lot of folks seem to think you can toss a handful of pineapple into anything and it magically becomes “Hawaiian”. But this dish earned its moniker simply because it is the kind of macaroni salad that is served in Hawaii, with nary a pineapple chunk in sight.

This is not a one pot meal like a lot of pressure cooker recipes. The macaroni is cooked under pressure, with a twist that gives it the characteristic tang of the original.

Come by on the weekend to learn the secret. Mahalo!