Swiss Steak Redux

Sherman, set the Wayback Machine for 72 hours ago!


What’s the opposite of Sneak Peek? A lot of times my Wednesday posts are Sneak Peek posts, but this week I am kind of putting the finishing touches on the past weekend’s post, since I posted it before I had the final, plated, photo.

The internet wasn’t very helpful on this point. So,┬áredux it is.

Anyway, as I’ve mentioned, our continuing heat wave here has forced me to be an early riser so I can get cooking in the morning on weekends, before the temps inside our apartment reach 90 degrees. I think I have also mentioned before that we have no air conditioning. When renting an apartment in the area where I live, the landlords are fond of saying “Oh, you don’t need it. It’s nice and cool near the ocean!”

Um, maybe in the ocean, but not two miles away, and certainly not this year.

Anyway, because of this wacky schedule, I often post my recipe before I actually have it on the plate for serving so that I can get the recipe up in a timely manner, so the original post doesn’t have a nicely plated (well, nicely for me) recipe complete with serving suggestion photo.

So, I guess I have said all that to say this. Here is a picture of my swiss steak, as served on Sunday evening.

Even though it was a little warm by the time we were eating this, it seemed to be one of my wife’s favorite things that I have made recently.

And she told me that when she was warming it up at work for lunch the next day she was getting a lot of “That smells good!” type comments.

Sometimes it is difficult for me to be objective because these recipes are all my babies and I love them all. Well, except for that middle recipe. It’s the black sheep.

And if you missed the recipe on the weekend, you can find it right here.

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