Sneak Peek – Split Pea Soup

Sneak Peek, or not? How to use that leftover Easter ham.


Ok, I’ve been wrestling with whether to post this recipe or not. I don’t know if its uniqueness is enough to warrant a post.

With the number of recipes for pressure cooker Split Pea soup around, I don’t know if there is enough to differentiate this one from the innumerable others.

I was wondering whether I should post this or not, but all I know is that as a kid, I hated split pea soup. Of course I had never even tasted split pea soup that didn’t come in a can that had to be mixed with a can or two of water. Nasty stuff.

So, I decided to try and make some “non-gross” split pea soup. I figured that since I like soups of red and yellow lentils, why wouldn’t I like soup made of split peas, since it is essentially the same thing. And my hunch was correct, this is delicious.

So, I am still trying to decide if I should post the recipe or not. At the moment I am thinking yes.

Check back on the weekend to see if I decide to post this, or if I come up with something new. Stay tuned!

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