Sneak Peek: Chili & A New Toy

Just a quick post to let everyone know what is coming up in the days to come.

This Saturday I should have my recipe for Quick Everyday Chili posted. It’s quick and tasty (and my wife’s favorite). It took awhile this year for Chili weather to arrive but it is finally here (off and on, at least). Two days before Christmas it was 80 degrees, then the day after Christmas we had lows of 38. The last couple weeks have been about the same jumping from 80 one day to 48 or so the next, but at least we have a few stew and chili days mixed ┬áin.


One ingredient I use is frozen fire-roasted corn. I can’t find it at every store, but the Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods near me both carry it. So, if you happen to see some, snap it up. It adds a nice smokey flavor to the chili, as well as a little texture.

Also, here is what was waiting for me when I got home from work tonight!


I ordered this one on the weekend, and a few days later, here it is! I came close to ordering the Bluetooth-equipped model, but for the extra money, the Bluetooth feature wouldn’t do me any good until at least March, which is when the Android app is scheduled to be available.

I felt like I was one of the last hold outs on the electric pressure cooker front, but it seems that most of the folks that are new to pressure cooking are getting electrics, so I figured it would help me with figuring out recipes if I am able to use what a lot of others are using (of course I will continue to use my treasured Kuhn Rikon and Fissler stovetop models.

So I am hoping that in the next couple weeks I will be able to share my thoughts on the Instant Pot, and maybe even have a recipe that I prepared in the new cooker!

Check back this weekend for some chili!

2 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: Chili & A New Toy

  1. Great look forward to your review I am waiting the Smart Instant pot with Bluetooth and I also am on android I was also looking at the Instant Pot Duo 7in1 model

    • Hi Gary! I hope to put it through its paces this weekend. Hopefully have a review up in the next week or two. For a long time, I wasn’t interested in an electric pressure cooker, but it seems that almost everyone who gets a new PC gets an electric one, so I thought I could better answer the questions that I sometimes get regarding cooking times, etc. if I had one myself.

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