Pressure Cooker Salt-Crusted Potatoes

Papas Arrugadas In the Pressure Cooker


Just when I think I have finally reached the “end of the internet”, thinking that I have wasted so much time online that I have seen everything that can possibly be seen on the web, I stumble upon someting new.

Who knows what I was searching for when I happened on this article about Canary Island style salted potatoes.


Also known as Papas Arrugadas (Spanish for wrinkled potatoes), these can be a tasty alternative to both boiled potatoes and french fries, and slightly healthier to boot (healthier than french fries, anyway).

In the traditional recipe, the potatoes were boiled in sea water until the water evaporated, leaving the potatoes coated with salt.¬†Since I didn’t think I could boil potatoes in our local seawater here in SoCal and live to tell about it (and I don’t think anyone really uses that method anymore), I used plain water and kosher salt.


Utilizing the pressure cooker these can be made quite a bit quicker than without, and the results leave potatoes flavored throughout with salt, but not overly salty.

The traditional accompaniment to these is red or green mojo sauce (pronounced mo-ho), but I made some chipotle ketchup for dipping (I was lazy so just mixed a couple teaspoons of chipotle chili powder with some ketchup).


This recipe works best with really small potatoes. I used Russian banana potatoes and they worked perfectly. If you use smaller or larger potatoes, you will need to adjust the cooking time in either direction.

Ten minutes might sound like a slightly long cooking time for such small potatoes, but you also want them to get a slightly wrinkled appearance.


I served these with bunless burgers with parmesan crisps (hey, it’s a new year, I am trying to cut down on my bread consumption. We’ll see how long I can pull that off.)
Even though the salt gives the illusion of decadence, since these are not fried, they are almost guilt-free. Give them a try and let me know how you like them!


Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • 1 pound small potatoes, washed
  • ½ cup kosher salt
  • water
  1. Put potatoes in pressure cooker pot
  2. Cover with water (I used 4 cups in my Fissler)
  3. Add the salt
  4. Stir around a little and place the top on the pressure cooker
  5. Turn heat to high and bring to high pressure
  6. When high pressure is reached, turn burner down to maintain high pressure and set timer for 10 minutes
  7. When timer sounds, remove from heat and do a quick release
  8. Drain water from potatoes
  9. Put pot over medium heat with potatoes
  10. Stir around for a couple minutes until water evaporates from potato surface
  11. Remove to a bowl and serve with a dipping sauce


2 thoughts on “Pressure Cooker Salt-Crusted Potatoes

  1. I tried your recipe when I was looking for something different for dinner one night. I loved these potatoes! For a mojo sauce I found a recipe at which was easy and delicious. The potatoes came out great, and the sauce really complimented them well. (Mojo sauce is at: I use my pressure cooker a few times per week, and I am always searching for new recipes to try. Thanks for posting this one!

    • Susan,

      Thanks for your feedback. I am glad that you enjoyed the potatoes. And also thanks for the link to the mojo sauce. I will have to try that one!


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