Pressure Cooker Rouladen Update


Well, it has taken longer than I had originally planned, but I finally was able to update the photos in my original post, Pressure Cooker Rouladen.

One thing I have discovered is that Rouladen is an inherently unphotogenic dish, but seeing as how my original rouladen photo looked like a soggy stogie languishing in an ashtray, i think these photos are an improvement. Add to that the fact that with the original post I had to reformat my memory card in the middle of trying to prepare the dish, thereby erasing the photos that I had already taken so I didn’t have any photos of the various steps.


I have to admit, though, that I had a better gravy in the previous batch. With this batch, I just used the pan sauce without getting too fancy, but most of the time I like to make a richer gravy.

I usually serve this with red cabbage and potatoes, but having just been to the local farmer’s market, I served it with sweet potatoes and sugar snap peas which I already had on hand.

Hopefully these additional photos will better help demonstrate the steps of the recipe.

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