Pressure Cooker Pumpkin Custard

A Very Pressure Cooker Thanksgiving, Part II

 (The recipe has been updated to correct the amount of syrup and add brown sugar. That’s what happens when I try to write my post at midnight.)

You can’t have a Thanksgiving feast without desert. It’s just a fact. As someone who rarely has dessert, it still seems like the holiday is incomplete without some pumpkiny goodness. Sure, there are other holiday desserts of the non-pumpkin variety, but you can keep that mincemeat stuff. What the hell is that stuff anyway?

For me, pumpkin is synonomous with dessert as far as Thanksgiving is concerned.

And trying to exercise a modicum of restraint, eliminating the pastry from the dessert leaves a little wiggle room to sneak in an extra slice of turkey or two. And this is basically pumpkin pie without the crust. And since I will be cooking a big enough variety of items this Thanksgiving, I would rather not have to deal with a pastry as well.

I tried this once without the pressure cooker using this recipe. It was good, but I thought I could improve upon it using the pressure cooker and making a few changes. I may be biased, but the results were delish!

Since all four of my ramekins wouldn’t fit in a steamer basket, I placed them directly on the bottom of the pressure cooker in the water.

This makes four custards, aprroximately 10 oz. each. If you can’t fit all four into your pressure cooker at once, you could do two at a time.

Since this holiday season really snuck up on me, I have to hustle to get my Thanksgiving series in under the wire.

I have to admit, when I make these for the S.O. and myself, no matter how much restraint I try to exercise, these are so tasty that I usually tell myself I am only going to have one, then I put the empty ramekin in the sink, go back to my chair and sit down for 30 seconds before I get up to get a second one.
And here’s the recipe:


1 can (15 oz.) pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling, get the one that is 100% pumpkin)

2 cups heavy cream (divided)

2 large eggs plus one yolk, lightly beaten

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon ground cloves

2 tablespoons butter

4 ounces or so walnut halves

1/3 cup plus 2 tablespoons maple syrup

1/3 cup brown sugar

1/2 teaspoon (approximately) freshly ground nutmeg (ground will probably work, but do yourself a favor and grind it yourself. It is definitely worth it!) Plus a little more for the top


In a large bowl (or the bowl of a stand mixer), combine pumpkin, 1 cup cream and eggs. Add in brown sugar and 1/3 cup maple syrup. Keep mixing. Add in cinnamon, ground cloves and the nutmeg. Mix for a couple minutes.

Divide between four ramekins. If your ramekins do not have lids, cover with foil
Put 1/2 cup water or whatever the minimum is for your pressure cooker in the pot of your cooker. Place the ramekins in the pot. Turn heat to high and cover.

When high pressure is reached, lower heat to maintain high pressure and set timer for ten minutes.

In the meantime, melt butter over medium heat in skillet. When butter is melted, add walnuts and toast them in the butter for a couple of minutes. When the walnuts start to take on a little color, add 2 tablespoons maple syrup and stir for a couple minutes more.

When timer sounds, remove pressure cooker from heat and release pressure naturally.

When pressure is released, remove ramekins from the pressure cooker. You can refrigerate for later, or let cool a little and serve warm.

When ready to serve, add the remaining cup of cream and the remaining syrup and whip (I used the immersion blender, but you can use your favorite whipping method. Just be sure to Whip It, Whip It Good)

Top each custard with walnuts

Top with whipped cream and enjoy!

Let me know how you like it!



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  1. I usually make mine in the shape of a pie, in the plate. I’ll give a try to the custard cups, though. Sounds like my relationship with chocolate pudding is about to be expanded. lol Happy Turkey Day to you.

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