Sweet Potato Rice Pudding

Pudding or Risotto, Who Knows? Every time I decide on making a dessert, it takes a few tries before I am happy with the results. Which means I need to eat dessert three or four days in a row, or sometimes a couple times in one day. Oh, the sacrifices I make for my readers. I call this … Continue reading

Pumpkin Spice Cake

Pumpkin Spice Cake, An Autumn Treat! I know, I am really late with this post, and it is not because it was cutting into my trick or treat time. It turns out that making a cake, even in the pressure cooker, is harder than I thought. Much of the weekend was spent trying variations, trying to … Continue reading

Pressure Cooker Rice and Peas

Or Should It Be Rice and Legumes? Is it rice and peas or rice and beans? This is the conundrum with which I am faced. I used black beans for this dish since that is what I found at the store. Sometime in SoCal it can be difficult to find much besides black beans and pinto beans, depending on … Continue reading