Instant Pot – 30 Day Update

The Instant Pot Review – Part Deux

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Now that I have been using the Instant Pot for roughly a month, I thought it might be time to check in again and share my thoughts.

I have to say, this electric PC has been growing on me. What I once thought of as a bit of a novelty is becoming quite a useful tool. I would estimate that about 50% of my pressure cooking is done using the Instant Pot. And there are certain areas in which it excels.

One thing that it works great for is pressure-cooked “hard boiled” eggs (by the way, I use this method as posted on Hip Pressure Cooking). With the stovetop pressure cooker, you have to keep a close eye to make sure it doesn’t exceed low pressure. With the Instant Pot, once low pressure is reached it adjusts itself to maintain the low pressure and then shuts itself off at the end of the cooking time. There were times with the stovetop model where I turned away for just a minute or so, only to find the pressure was beyond low pressure. It didn’t ruin the eggs, but I did end up with a few cracked ones. It is pretty much perfect every time with the electric.

Instant Pot

I still don’t know the exact reason, but for some reason I really like the way that steel-cut oats turn out in the Instant Pot. Maybe it is the slightly time it takes to get up to pressure and to do a natural release, but using the same 10 minutes under pressure that I use for the stovetop model, the oats turn out creamier with just the perfect amount of chew. I always head straight for the Instant Pot when preparing oats now.

On my first post about the Instant Pot, I mentioned the “spinning inner pot” that I found a bit annoying. Since then, I recieved a comment from a reader that had a perfectly reasonable and valid reason why she liked the fact that the pot turned. But for me, I still find it a little annoying, but something I can live with.

I have also found that I pretty much use the “Manual” button for everything. The individual buttons at the top beside the timer, basically just set the time, and much of the time it needs to be changed anyway, so I prefer to just use manual.

All in all, I would say it was a good investment and will be getting plenty of use.

Disclaimer: I am in no way connected with Instant Pot and this review is just my humble opinion. 


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    • Hi, Shirley! I used the soup option one time, but it was for a soup that I only had to cook under pressure for just 10 minutes, so it seemed just as easy to use manual and set to 10 minutes. For making a stock it is probably a different story. Also, I do plan on trying that yogurt program soon!

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