Have A Pressure Cooker Fourth!

Need some (pressure cooker) ideas for your holiday get-together?

Well, I just happen to have some right here!

Ribs Stacked2

In addition to my Cherry Sriracha Ribs from last week, I thought I might list a few other things that could work for the occasion.


How about these Frijoles Charros? All-American? Perhaps not, but if you are having anything such as pulled pork or carne asada, this is the perfect accompaniment.


For a change from the traditional, mayonnaise-y potato salad, give this pressure cooker German version a try.


And last, but not least, if you happen to hail from the Midwest and you happen to be grilling some hot dogs, you might just want to try this Coney Island Chili. I have been told it is closer to the original than most. Give it a try!

So, have a great holiday, and be careful out there!

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