Mango Chipotle Pulled Pork

A Sweet And Spicy Pulled Pork I know I promised pulled pork tacos, but this week I felt more like sandwiches. So, you can still have tacos if you like, but this will work equally well with sandwiches. Your choice! With both I made a zesty cilantro-lime slaw and a chipotle mayo and it worked … Continue reading

Pressure Cooker Corned Beef

What? Corned Beef and No Cabbage? I almost was going to make Corned Beef and Cabbage until I thought about it. There are a million other blogs posting Corned Beef and Cabbage recipes this time of year, and when I think about it, other than the Corned Beef it is not that good. I am sure that … Continue reading

30 Minute Chili

OK, make that 30-ish The last time I made this it took 34 minutes, but I will round it down to 30 anyway. It will vary slightly depending on whether you are using an electric or stove top pressure cooker. This is another one of my super quick weeknight recipes. With no fewer than 3 canned … Continue reading