And The Pressure Cooker Problem Continues…

Ok, I was able to control my pressure cooker habit this time…barely

Fissler Pressure Cooker

I came this close to being the proud papa of twins (pressure cookers, that is!).

I know, I have mentioned before that I have a bit of a problem when it comes to  pressure cookers. A fondness bordering on obsession.

The latest episode in my ongoing battle against my pressure cooker addiction occurred just this past weekend.

It began innocently enough. I was at the market just to purchase something for dinner. Granted, it was an upscale “gourmet” market, but a market nonetheless. Why would I go to such a swanky shop to purchase a simple dinner, you might ask? Well, I have a broken foot that is still on the mend, I don’t own a car and it is the closest store. I don’t think they have them outside of California, but Bristol Farms can get a bit spendy. But like I said, it is the closest store. Why didn’t I go to the second closest store? Well, it’s a Whole Foods. So it was basically one of those six of one, half a dozen of the other type deals.

So back to my near moment of weakness. In addition to having a plethora of gourmet food items and an aisle and a half of craft beers, in the “housewares” aisle, where a normal grocery store might have cheap cutlery and ten-dollar nonstick fry pans, in this place you are just as likely to find Fissler and Vitamix products.

And it was a Fissler product that almost brought me down.

As I was approaching the store, I saw several tables out front with signage that read “Sidewalk Sale”. Besides the fact that it was bugging me that they were calling it a sidewalk sale, when in fact it was in the parking lot, I approached it anyway just to have a look. There were also signs that said that everything there was 50% off the marked price.

As I got closer, my eye was drawn to a Fissler pressure pan set, the exact same pan set I already have, but it was so shiny. Well, the picture on the box was shiny, as the pan was brand new, still in box, never opened. OMG, as the kids say these days.

The price marked on the box was $280, which was about what I paid for it, and which meant that the pressure pan could be procured for $140!

How could I pass up such a deal? Do I really need a duplicate pressure cooker? Could I buy it and sell it on eBay (though I knew I would figure out some reason why it would be better to keep it)? These thoughts and many others were whirling in my head. I looked down and to my right, and noticed that my hand, which I apparently had no control over at this point, was being drawn as if by a powerful magnet to my right front pocket. Yes, my “wallet” pocket!

I was not thinking clearly. I was finally able to regain enough presence of mind to grasp my right arm with my left hand, pull it away from the pocket area, lift it up above my shoulder and slap myself in the face with it!


Still shaking slightly, I managed to make my way inside the store to purchase my dinner. But on the way out, I exited through the other door, and took the long way around the building to avoid passing by the “sidewalk” sale.

I can’t say that hours passed without thinking “I wonder if it’s still there?”, but I didn’t go back to check the entire weekend.

One day at a time, one day at a time.


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  1. I’m glad that I stumbled across your blog, because I was looking for a polenta/grits recipe for my pressure cooker. I’ve been pressure cooking for at least 15 years…starting out with a stove t p. I now use an electric pressure cooker, and I sure do love it a lot more! Just on Friday, I bought the Instant Pot 6qt electric pressure cooker for $78! What a deal! I think it’s about $115 on Amazon, right now. Anyway, I have bookmarked your Swiss Steak recipe, because it looks quite tasty. Come pop in to my blog, sometime, if you want to see my own pressure cooker recipes ( PS: Would love to see an “About Me’ page added, so I can know more about you. :)

    • Thanks! I will be sure to check out your blog. I do have a “Welcome To Pressure Cooker Convert” page which has an “about me” section. At the top of the page, just under the picture at the top, there is a “Home” button and a “Welcome To Pressure Cooker Convert” button.

  2. There is nothing wrong with owning two identical pressure cookers. I do! I actually think it’s a smart move. You can make dinner even faster. One pot has the rice and the other the protein. When one is done you can add a third dish. Still all in less time than traditional cooking. This morning I was in a rush so one pot had the eggs boiling for breakfast and the other pot was making rice for the rest of the week. The time savings gives you part of you life back.

    • I probably would have bought it if I didn’t already have 3 pressure cookers. And it is fairly often that I have all 3 going at once. Bargain that it was, I couldn’t justify spending the money on a fourth pressure cooker.

    • you are absolutely right! 2 is better than one. I have a Fagor.. my 3rd! 2 bought at the thrift shop for $3 that got me started on my love for pcing. I gave one to my daughter and when the teflon coated one burnt I threw it away.. (I was going to anyway as it is no good to cook w teflon). I bought a new Fagor pc set on line…$45 for 2 pots !! Then I got my – IP Happy days!! I use both on some days.. very handy!!

  3. I fully understand that feeling. I’ve never used pressure cooker before, but recently got the 8Qt Fissler Vitavit just because of the deal, very excited! Searching around for how to make a full use of pressure cookers and find your blog! Now I am hooked, wondering whether it is a good idea to get this 4Qt Fissler skillet to substitute my aged 11′ lodge deep frier (basically I cooke everything in it).