A Pressure Cooker Poll

It’s Time To Make Your Vote Count! A Pressure Cooker Poll.


In light of some recent negative feedback regarding my Wednesday posts, in particular the “Sneak Peek” posts, I wanted to take a quick survey just to see what others think.

For all email subscribers to this blog, an email is automatically sent whenever I do a post. Apparently some readers are only interested in the recipes and do not appreciate any other posts coming through their email.

Regular readers of Pressure Cooker Convert may have noticed that starting at the beginning of this year I have been posting twice a week. The weekend post is always a recipe. On Wednesdays I post various things, such as Quick Reviews such as this one on my InstantPot. Or I might post more of an editorial type thing such as this one about why to keep your Pressure Cooker out and ready for action all summer long. Other times I might include a Sneak Peek, letting you know what is coming this weekend. And then again, there are times I may conduct some lame poll!

So if you could leave a line or two in the comments whether these posts are helpful, entertaining or anything else, or if you just prefer all recipes all the time, it would be helpful to me regarding the focus of Pressure Cooker Convert moving forward.

Thanks in advance!

11 thoughts on “A Pressure Cooker Poll

  1. I like how you’ve broadened the scope of your blog beyond just recipes. I can Google pressure cooker recipes all day long, but the additional posts are, in my opinion, value added content. Best regards, Cynthia Z.

  2. I know that I will receive the new recipes whether or not you have the advanced teaser. One is fine. The “coming” recipe notices are not objectionable and it makes me look forward to the final new recipe. I enjoy your site because you often post ethnic recipes, especially for the USA, that are off the radar.

  3. Hi. I appreciate everything you do, very creative. Like the site as it is. BTW, it’s interesting to research WWI and WWII British pc recipes. The things they did with pressure cookers in those days! Thanks for all your effort.

  4. I love your emails– recipes and comments. Your idea to keep your cooker out at all times is a good one. I’ve kept mine in the cupboards & out of site, out of mind. I’m going to keep mine out from now on.

    So keep everything coming- recipes + ideas= great dinners. We’re retired. We eat “dinner” around 1:30 – 2:00.

  5. I like both posts. They are always well written and entertaining/informative. I love the recipes because they are not the typical ones you can easily find at other sites. I also like the Wednesday editorials. You are doing a great job and I appreciate your work!

  6. I enjoy both posts and any and all information about cooking with pressure is always great. I enjoy your ‘slant’ on cooking different kinds of foods in the cooker.

  7. Looks like I may be in the minority and that’s okay. While I don’t mind an occasional post that includes something like a review, I don’t want “sneak peeks” of recipes to come. They don’t add anything for me and add to my e-mail clutter, most of course, which you are not responsible for. Perhaps it would be possible to subscribe only to your recipes and not the rest. Your recipes are different and interesting and I appreciate those.

    • Thanks for your comments. As of now, there is no way for me to differentiate between different kinds of posts as far as the email notifications. However, I am hoping to revamp my blog in the fairly near future which may include a more sophisticated system for sending notifications which would allow to filter certain types of posts on a per-user basis.

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