Pressure Cooker Convert is 3!


Yeah, I know, I am using the same picture from my first anniversary, but my Kuhn Rikon looks so adorable in its birthday suit, I just had to use it again.

It’s not the exact day, but an invoice from my Web Host reminded me that it has been 3 years already since I started this blog.

I like to think that slowly but surely I have been improving my blog, and hope to continue doing so.

Over the next year I plan to switch over to a nicer looking layout and add some videos, as well as some other things.

I think I will probably keep this post on the shorter side, since it is currently 90 degrees… INSIDE!

So, before the heat causes me to slip into incomprehensibility, jdowotta jldldjpa0, iyioovovovodje allldlelllrlll w;w;w;w;w;, sdopfsadrgigi!

4 thoughts on “3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

  1. Well, from my point of view you have done a GREAT job.
    Because of you I got my Instant Pot back out and I am using it again!
    For that I thank toy very much

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